Level Zero Games was founded by John Gosling in 2008 and registered as Level Zero Games LLC in 2012.

While daily operations for the company are managed by John, Level Zero Games recruits many talented and ambitious students and professionals from Chicago and around the world for projects.

title v3Net Gain

Designer/Producer/Artist: John Gosling
Programmers: John Gosling and Morgan O’Brien
Setting Writers: John Gosling and Joe Locastro
Composer/Musician: Richie Palys



Co-Designers: Joe Locastro, Jordan Booth and John Gosling
Producer/Business/Artist: John Gosling




TitleNet Gain: Stories

Designer/Producer/Programmer/Artist: John Gosling
“Open Hand” Story: Joe Locastro (Add’l work: John Gosling)



3 Sir Tet

Production: John Gosling
Design: Brendan Gilbert and John Gosling
Art: Anthony Sixto
Programming: Mike MacDermaid
Sound/Music: Gary Kupczak




Production/Design: John Gosling
Art: Katarzyna “Kasia” Blasik (Add’l Art: Colleen Griffin)
Programming: Marty Trzpit
Sound/Music: Ross Matsuda



titleScreenGrave Robber

Production/Design: John Gosling
Art: Chris Stockbridge and John Gosling
Programming: Mike MacDermaid
Sound: Dan Levin



TitleThe Sunset

Production: John Gosling
Design: Joe Locastro and John Gosling
Art: Larry Griffin
Code: Marty Trzpit
Music: Matt Strnad



Co-Creators: Joe Locastro and John Gosling

Prototype miniatures generously donated by The Dice Dojo.




Creator: John Gosling




LOCKS2 bigLocks

Creator: John Gosling




towericon largeBurj Dubai

Creator: John Gosling
Additional Research: Amanda Vendeventer