Level Zero Games Title

Behind the austere walls of their towering arcology, Level Zero Games gathers together bright young talents, each a master of their respective craft.
This team strives to deliver interesting, entertaining and original gaming experiences to the people.
A company of dreamers, thinkers, workers and friends, we don’t draw lines with our design.

Level Zero Games was informally founded in 2008, and officially registered Summer 2012. Beginning as a collection of the most ambitious students at Columbia, the group created many projects such as Sir Tet, Depths, Grave Robber, The Sunset, Burj Dubai, Forces, and Locks.

Level Zero Games launched their first commercial project with Node, the competitive card game that has sold hundreds of copies in game stores across the world.

Following the (very quiet) launch of Net Gain: Stories, work began on launching the full Net Gain strategy game that LZG wanted to make for years!


We are always looking for bright new minds to join our force! Send us your resume at Jobs@LevelZeroGames.com.

All adventures start at Level Zero.