Rules Insert


Avatars are small stands that mark what clusters you control on the table, one for each color. Cut out and fold the Avatars from the provided cards.
Nodes are the colored icons on the playing cards.
Clusters are nodes of the same color that are touching sides (diagonals do not count).


1. Shuffle the deck, cut it in half. Pick one half to play with, put the other half away.
2. Each player picks a set of avatar icons to play with. They have the same icon on each of the 5 colors.
3. Players draw 5 cards.


  1. Place a card on the table.
    • The card must cover at least one node already on the table.
    • Each node must be the same color as any it is covering.
    • If it’s the first card, put it in the middle of the table.
    • If you cannot place a card, discard a card instead.
2. If you made a cluster at least one node bigger than the previous size, put your same-colored avatar on the cluster to capture it.
    • If you capture a cluster controlled by your rival, they must remove their avatar.
    • This includes when you first place a color on the table.
    • You can capture zero, one, or two clusters in a turn.
3. Draw a card.


If you ever capture all 5 colors, you instantly win the game!
Otherwise, play until there are no more cards. That means playing out your hand as well! Whoever controls the most clusters in the end, wins.

The “Edge” Rule

If you cannot fully place a card on top of the table (it hangs over the edge), then you cannot make the move. No dangling cards off the edge!


Do I have to overlap a square when I put a card down? Can I just put it next to a card?

You have to overlap at least one square (node) to place a card on the table (excluding the first card).

I overlapped a node , but my card also makes another cluster bigger. Do I still capture it even though I didnt overlap that color?

Yes! You only need to overlap a node to put a card down. Whenever you expand a cluster after the card is down, regardless of what you’re covering, it counts!

So do I also capture the cluster if I overlap it but don’t make it bigger?

Nope, you have to make a cluster bigger by at least one node, and make it the biggest on the board, to capture it. Overlapping just lets you put the card down.

What if I make another cluster the same size as the one my enemy controls? do I steal control?

You have to make it bigger and the biggest on the board. If you can make another cluster that is at least one node bigger than your enemy’s, you capture you’re new bigger node and they lose control of their smaller node.