Node Types

Public  Public nodes.

This is where the company connects to the people. Public nodes encompass all of their surface websites, store portals, catalogues, customer information and support, and so on.

Personnel Personnel nodes.

The records on the employees of the corporation. Long boring lists, but in the right hands it can be powerful information! Need to know who to kidnap to really put the hurt on that competing commlink operating system? Want to get a target that’s ripe for some classic blackmail? Who knows, maybe you’ll find a name that’s got a juicy bounty on it?

Financial Financial nodes.

The golden center. Money is what drives any corporation, but its also their biggest weakness. Knowing how they spend their money means you know how to stop them from spending it where they need to, or what markets to compete in, or where they might be hemmoraging. Dig deeper and you can pull out embezzlement, fraud, and other juicy bits of info… or maybe find a way to siphon some of that good stuff into your own anonymous accounts.

Research Research nodes.

For the pure techie joy in every hacker’s heart. Being able to see (and perhaps recreate?) some of the greatest technological advancements the market hasn’t even heard of is always a rich reward in itself… but then when you can sell that information on to the corporation’s competitors, it promises a much more pragmatic reward!

Confidential Confidential nodes.

The good stuff. These are the things that are buried and deleted, supposedly never to be seen again. There is a lot of trash in here, but if you can rummage and dig deep enough, who knows what you’ll find? This stuff is usually the most rewarding, but also the most dangerous. A log of reporters the corporation had targeted as risks paired with the records of contract work with a notorious hitman might be incredibly valuable, but show it to the wrong person and you might just end up as another name on that list.


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