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Co-Created by: Jordan Booth, John Gosling, and Joe Locastro

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Node is about a gentleman’s bet. Two hackers have decided to test their mettle, and decided to engage in one of their favourite past-times for the competition: they will infiltrate and compromise a corporation’s servers and data havens. They will stop at nothing, break out every trick, loophole, backdoor, hack, and clever scheme to gain access to the corporation’s most personal and protected information.

Node is a¬†competitive¬†two-player card game in which players expand and capture 5 different types of nodes they compete to grow and capture nodes from each other, trying to outflank each other without losing their lead, and lock down on nodes they’ve captured. If they can capture all 5 nodes or hold the most nodes when the deck runs out, they win.

For a great summary, check out the Dice Tower’s Review!

“I find the gameplay of Node compelling enough to recommend this game, and it was one of my most pleasant surprises of 2011. 8/10″ – Eric Summerer


Rules and Tactics

FAQ and Alternate Strategies.


Details on the setting and the elite hackers

Alternate Rules

Variant games for 2,3, or 4 players, “levels”, and drinking games!

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