Woah! I can’t even begin to express how excited, surprised, astounded, and outright giddyI am that in less than 48 hours, your support has brought us to 30% and beyond! Your support for this project has made me the happiest developer in the world, and I cannot thank all of you enough!

For those of you who don’t know, there’s the “30% Rule of Kickstarter“. Basically, once a project gets over that hurdle, their chances of success jumps up to 90%! We’re past the 1-20% hurdle and we’ve got a real chance of succeeding!

(Graph: Distribution of Unsuccessful Projects by Funding Threshold)

The war isn’t over yet, but we’ve certainly got the momentum! Share the Kickstarter with your friends, tweet your favourite blogs and internet celebrities, get the word out there!

New Reward Tier: The TWO PACK!

People have been asking about it, wanting to get an additional operative or corporation but not quite making the jump to a Mission or Headline.

Well now you can! for $60 you can get the Two Pack:  two operatives, specialists, companies, corporations, or any combination thereof.

Next Update: Mechanics!

I’d love to fill you in on the details of the gameplay, so what would you all like to hear about first? We could do an update on how the Economy works, the operative Loyalty system and its effect on the game, building Missions from Plots, or whatever you would like to hear about!