Greetings fellow Gamesters!

Back on the 2nd of October, Columbia held a spectacular Gala event, which brought in lots of wealthy and prestigious people. Somehow, we got involved!

We brought in Sir Tet, Grave Robber, and Depths in addition to our board game Forces and brand-spankin’-new card game Node, which you’ll be getting another post about in a bit.

We heard lots of good things on the looks of our games across the board, but we actually got to teach quite a few of them how to play Node! The game is pretty easy to pick up, and within two attempts these well-to-do folk were compromising high-security corporate server farms.

The best part about the night – aside from the excuse to wear a fancy suit and play games with other people in fancy suits – was showing us that our game really was accessible and easy to pick up, while still offering a growing complexity in tactics and strategy. ”Easy to learn, hard to master”.

So while I write up about our new game, you can ganger at our dapper selves, looking sharp back home at the Arcology offices.