Loyal Citizens:

We’ve finished setting up for our lovely show! The final games included are…

Depths, Sir Tet, Grave Robber, Forces, Locks, and Whistlechain. We also have a non-playable demo of The Sunset with a selection of songs and screenshots from the game.

Now, three of those games you haven’t heard anything about yet! You can click on the link page above for more information, but in summary…

Forces is an easy-to-play tactics game, aimed at being a gentle introduction into the world of tabletop gaming while still offering the foundations of the genre. You assemble the battlefield out of small tiles made of hexes, assemble your mercenary company, and get to the fight!

Locks is a simple game that can be played with any writing utensil and any piece of paper. That’s right, for free! We looked at the Tic-Tac-Toe monopoly and said “We are going to bring you down”. Our game is a bit more substantial, but can still be played with your best buddy on a relaxing train ride home.

We said to ourselves, “Selves, why stop there? There’s this media platform thats been around for ages called “sound”, yet there haven’t been many games made for it!” With that thought in mind, we ventured forth, and are releasing Whistlechain.

And Here’s the set up! (pardon the low quality images. These were taken by spy camera)

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