We’ve taken to calling the background image for our little pixel opera the “stage”, which is fitting: It’s where all the action takes place, it’s a sort of ‘abstraction’ of something larger than what’s shown (his whole kingdom), and it captures the feel of our world through the props shown. It’s been growing steadily, as we add iterate through the designs, refining edges here and adding effects there.

Since you saw this background last, we’ve added highlights to the edges of the scenery as the sun sets lower on the horizon, and worked on the coloring of the sky as it turns to night. We’ve also added a whole forest on the hill and a cross section of the earth, lovely details to the hill, meticulous touches of moss and mortar to the stonework on the castle, and radiant lines of waves cutting across the ocean.

We hope you like how it’s progressing! All compliments and comments for the beautiful pixelwork can be posted below, or sent to larry@levelzerogames.com.

In addition, I put together a little package for you guys, wallpapers of this image as it is below, with our title, and our lovely green title page for that minimalistic look! Download it *here*.

The Sunset