Now announcing Sir Tet’s Recycling Plant!
You can find our page for the game here, and can expect more content added as we build towards our industrious finished title.

Play as Zoljsti, a new hire at Sir Tet’s recycling plant, and work as efficiently as you can to recycle the Tetrominoes.

Sir Tet’s Recycling Plant is a 2D puzzle game that cleverly repurposes the age-old concepts of the game Tetris, a game that is familiar to most people within the gaming community as well as many non-gamers. As Zoljsti, the player must cut out four-block shapes, called Tetrominoes, out of a mass of blocks. The player must stay ahead of the influx of blocks by carving out the shapes and clearing the play area.

• Work in a bustling, detailed recycling plant with animated machinery and backgrounds
• Operate the TetroMatic to carve Tetromino shapes out of processed blocks
• Chop out more than one Tetromino in one cut for extra bonuses
• Net a Color Combo for cutting Tetronimos of the same color block